Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Mission

My name is Daniel Reinke and I have been a parishioner at St. Peter's for 18 years.  In celebrating the year of faith here at St. Peter's I have felt called to go on a pilgrimage.  I will be walking coast to coast across the country, offering up prayers and hardships of the journey, for the intention that Christians will take their faith seriously.  I hope to inspire others to take a leap of faith with me in their everyday lives.

We should not read Scripture, a book like Rediscover Catholicism, or any spiritual book for that matter, and not see our lives dramatically change.  I have not always lived a good Catholic life, but God has been working on my heart and I felt called to make real changes in my life...  and the change has been great!

I realize we all have different calls in life, whether it's religious life, marriage, or the single life.  I am not asking for you to change your vocation, but to take your faith to the next level.

I plan to walk about 3,000 miles, plus or minus, depending on God's plan for me.  I will be updating this blog along the way for you to follow.  I ask only two things of you:  1.) Please pray for me as I will be praying for you.  2.)  Take your faith seriously and help others to do the same.

May God bless all of us on our journey to Heaven!

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  1. Prayers from Medjugorje. May Our Lady protect you on this journery. We are proud on you.
    Love and Prayers,