Friday, May 24, 2013

Boise Town

As I walked into downtown Boise, I wondered where I would sleep for that night.  I stopped at a Church to talk and get the word out about the pilgrimage a bit.  There I met a woman named Debbie, who was kind enough to invite this stranger, me, to her home for dinner with her family.  Debbie and Ken allowed me to pitch my tent there for the night as well.  Thank you Ken and Debbie for the hospitality!  Also, thank you Dorothy for your generosity as well!

When you walk into a big city and don't know where you'll eat and sleep, and then are blessed with generosity like this, your faith truly grows.

When I started this journey I did not know what to expect.  I knew I would not be able to plan everything out for a trip this large.  The realization in waking up each day without knowing where you'll eat or sleep seems crazy sometimes to me.  I would argue that one could not do a trip like this without faith in God.  I have been so blessed in the ways God has protected and provided for me.  So many amazing people have shared their time with me that I cannot even begin to tell all the stories, but they are shining lights of God's love and grace.  

A trip like this really make you appreciate the little things like running water (especially hot water!), toilets, showers, warm food, and some music (if anyone knows my singing voice they know why), family and friends, and a chair with a backrest.  These are the things that truly bring a smile to my face when I have been able to appreciate them on this trip.  My diet thus far has consisted of bagels, peanut butter, mixed nuts, dried fruit, rice and pasta mixes, oranges, bananas, trail mix and Clif Bars, and the occasional home cooked and local cafe/diner meal.  

Thank you all for following and for the thoughts and prayers...  prayer is powerful because God is powerful.

P.S. My previous post had issues with displaying a picture, but that has been corrected so make sure to check into that one too.  Thanks.

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