Monday, May 13, 2013

371,237 Steps and a Story About Coincidence

So the other day as I was walking towards a campsite, but was running out of daylight. I had about 11 miles more to go.  Suddenly a woman named Ana, and her son Charlie, pulled over and asked if I needed a ride.  With the sun going down I was very fortunate to get a ride from them to that campsite.  She said she has NEVER picked up a hitchhiker before.  It sure seemed a great coincidence that she did this time...  but if there is one thing I have learned so far on this trip, it's that there is no such thing as a coincidence.  Ana has since left a message on this blog so I just want to thank you and Charlie for being so generous with your time and gifts of food!  There are so many generous and nice people out there and it has amazed me everyday as I go.  In this age I have heard over and over how bad the world is getting but I keep getting blown away by the polar opposite of that.  God is moving and at work in this world.  The best way I can say it is that the only reason bad can seem so evident is when good people fail to act.  If each of the Faithful stood up when God prompts us to do so, the world would be shining with blinding goodness.  Ana and Charlie, you stood up and acted in God's prompting with faith.

As a side note, here is the latest location from my SPOT tracking beacon:

180 miles walked and 371237 footsteps

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  1. Thanks for walking Dan - and sharing your faith - I've shared your blog on my Facebook page - and so have a few of my friends.

    You walk into the unknown - and leave a trail of encouragement behind you.

    God Bless, Ana