Saturday, May 25, 2013


The journey to heaven is one of perseverance; a constant striving to reach our Lord.  The journey never ends until we arrive.  Take your faith to the next level.  God bless you all!

Thank you to Steven and friends for snapping these pictures and for welcoming me to join you in your prayer group.  Here is the bunch of them (Steven and friends):

God bless all of you!  God is smiling on you all.

Here is the latest progress as well.  Like one poster said, "It's a God's-eye view."  Here is the latest link to the SPOT tracking beacon web site as well:


  1. Hey Dan, this is Sam, who gave you a ride today near Idaho Falls. Wish you best of luck on the road and hope you find what you're looking for. We need more people on this earth who embody the principles of Christ as you do. It was a pleasure to get a glimpse into your journey for those five miles.

    Peace and love,


    1. Thank you for your action in faith. God bless you, Sam!