Friday, May 10, 2013


Well, last night was the end of day five.  I am at about 110 miles and 224,000 footsteps.  I came into Portland last night around 8pm.  I pushed farther than I should have and am regretting it now.  As I was walking through an industrial area of Portland I was feeling very hunrgy and thirsty.  As I rounded a corner of the street two women stopped me and offered me some apples and dates.  Luxury food is what I call that!  Right when I was losing hope/faith that I would never get into town to eat/drink these two women arrived.  Angels sent from God?  Maybe not, but it sure felt like it.  The miles are getting easier now but after about the 20 mile mark for each day the body really starts to feel it.  Prayer is the only that has gotten me through any miles over 20.  That and the thought of food.  Please keep praying for me and God bless.

Here is my latest location if you're curious:

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