Monday, June 17, 2013

Chain of Love

It's day 43 and I have just hit mile marker 1,082.1 and 2,337,144 steps.  After walking this far I have come to realize how much the "small things" mean to me.  Whether it is someone sharing in conversation with me, buying a cup of coffee, a meal, refilling my water, or a smile...  it means so much!  People do not realize the effect that they can have.  There are times that I have left a diner/cafĂ©, side of the road (having a vehicle stop to chat or share a gift), that I have literally just smiled for miles due to their kindness.  Their action had more of an effect on me than I am sure they would have thought originally. I only hope and pray that any of my actions will have the same effect on others that I meet along this journey.  Here is a simple country song that I would like to share that I have been thinking a lot about throughout these past miles.  I hope you find how moving these lyrics can be.

The Chain of Love
By Clay Walker


  1. Hey Daniel!

    I am sitting here with your Uncle Joe Cronin. We are keeping up with your status. Thanks for the last post about small things. The Clay Walker video is right on. Keep pressing on! You've got more to cover and we need to hear from you.

    Grace and Peace,
    Christopher Mark

    1. I am glad you're checking in! Thanks for the thoughts and well wishes. I'll keep you posted. Say hi to my Uncle for me too.

  2. Hey, this is Dan Reinke in Iowa,
    Just came across your journey and it has touched me!
    I'm 53 years young and have not visited a church in years.
    I still pray, and believe.
    I was brought up in a lutheran church in Hebron Nebraska.
    After I left home to start my life I just never found another church to be part of.
    It would be more proper to say I never looked.
    My wife lost her younger brother when he was about 9, and has never gotten past how God could let somthing like that happen.
    I often think about attending a sunday service and what I may be missing.
    I'll continue to read your post and follow your journey.
    May God provide what ever you may lack on your path.
    Bless you!
    Dan Reinke

    1. Hey Dan,
      It looks like we share the same name. It is great you could join in this journey with me. I will carry you and your wife in my prayers. Just remember that our Lord has open arms always.
      God bless!