Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hot and Muggy on Day 53

Day to day:
I recently entered Iowa.  I am at around 1,300 miles walked and nearing 3 million footsteps.  It has been very hot and humid these past few days.  Luckily I have had a few storms roll through to cool me down during the day.  Even at night it has been staying pretty warm and humid.  Last night I was just laying in the tent and sweating.  So I have been getting up around 3am to try and beat the heat.   This allows for a little cooler weather and the chance to get a few more miles in.  I have come to love mornings, they are peaceful and exhilarating at the same time.  It is a pretty amazing experience to walk through a town in the morning while everyone is sleeping and the town is quiet.  It is nice to see the sun rise and God's beautiful painting along with it.  As the world comes to life you tend get a second wind. 

I have to say that this heat has certainly been getting to me.  It has been getting harder to get up each morning.  Even at 3am it seems to be that I start sweating around 4 or 5am!  I am definitely dreaming of one of the luxaries of our century that is air-conditioning!

A little story:
So I was walking down the road from the town Holstein to Ida Grove, IA and I guy by the name of John stopped and asked about the journey so I gave him the regular spiel about the trip.  About a half hour later he pulled up again and invited me to dinner with his parents.  I was lucky enough to join them!  It was a big steak dinner!  It was a feast to say the least!   I have to say that it was seriously one of the best steaks I have ever had. 

Maps etc:

Also, here is the latest SPOT tracking beacon link of my location:

Some Pictures and Videos:

This is the video that Dann and Nina took as they came down from MN to surprise me (from their perspective.  I had no idea who it was as they came upon me.  Sorry for the sideways footage but I wasn't able to rotate the format.

Myself, Dann, and his wife Nina who came to visit me (and who fed me a great birthday meal too!)

Dann hitting the road with me for a 20 mile jaunt a few days back.

 My friend Joe dropped in on me too, along with my brother-in-law Todd!  I am so near MN that it has been a great blessing to see some friendly faces!  Thank you for the surprise Joe and Todd!  What a great blessing...  more than you know.  It keeps me strong!

"How good and how pleasant it is,
when brothers dwell together as one!"
-Psalms 133:1


  1. My inlaws are in Maquoketa, IA -- I'm sure they would welcome you if you happened to walk through that way!

    1. Thanks for the info. If I continue Easterly I may pass through there but I am about to start turning a bit South to start angling toward Virginia. Thanks for checking in, Cuz!

      God bless.

  2. It was a pleasure meeting you. I have told several people about you this morning and even given them your blog information. I hope the trimmer works for you. Good luck on your journey.
    Kim CVS

    1. Thanks for checking in. I try remember everyone I meet on this trip. It's the people that make it all worth it!
      Thoughts and prayers,

  3. When you get close to Fairfield please post my parents live there and you could get a hot meal. If you need medical my dad is a podiatrist he could check out your feet.
    Kim CVS

    1. I may actually be angling down that way so we'll see what happen. Thanks again!