Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Random Thoughts on Day 46

So I have recently hit day 46 and am nearing the halfway point to this pilgrimage.  If I eliminate rest days I am averaging about 28-29 miles a day.  In the morning the miles seem to fly by up until about mile 15.  After that they can tend to drag on and on. 

I just hit the town of Atkinson, Nebraska.  Towns are starting to come more frequently now.  I take this as a blessing!  After so many miles of not seeing anything but road, you start to look forward to a town.  It makes time go so much faster!  Your mind is able to keep busy with sounds, people watching, just noticing small details of the town, etc.  I seem to get really excited when I see lower speed limit signs (meaning a nearby town).  This also means water and FOOD!  It still amazes me how much I am able to eat.  I recently ate a 1 lb. burger with all the fixings and fries and I literally was NOT full.  Near the end of the day I am usually day dreaming of food, especially a homecooked meal by my mother and sister. 

It is really starting to heat up now and getting more humid.  It is hard to find a fine line of drinking enough water to avoid dehydration headaches and having to use the restroom too often.  I plan to get rid of my sleeping bag and buy a sleeping bag liner so that I can stay cooler at night.  I recently bought a cotton shirt!!! I have been dreaming about wearing cotton at night verses synthetic material.  When you only wear one pair of clothes for 46 days (all synthetic) you dream of a comfortable cotton shirt.  Synthetic clothing, no matter what, always feels damp when you put it on in the morning.  I also upgraded and bought a larger towel that is about two by three feet.  My last one was about six by ten inches.  This will be a blessing when showering. 

Since I started this journey I have eliminated the following items due to weight or lack of use:  Two pairs of socks, top and bottom synthetic base layer, two bandanas, pen and marker, knife sharpener, small mirror, compass, parachute cord, hand soap (I only use hand sanitizer), sunscreen, aloe, needle and thread, sauce pan, dish soap, and I'm sure a few other small items.  Soon to leave is the sleeping bag and water purifier.  It's amazing what is REALLY essential and what is just a luxury item. 

In between praying, talking to myself, and singing,  I have lots of time to think.  Some usual thoughts include family and friends back home (I have laughed out loud thinking about funny stories, and I am sure people driving by think I am crazy!), food, movie scenes and quotes, what I am going to do when I get home, my past and how I have arrived at this point in my life, and of course all the deep thoughts about death, life after death, etc. 

Many people have been asking me about the dedtailed aspects of daily life on this trek so hopefully this helps some.  Once again please continue to pray for me. 

Thank you and God bless.


  1. 6/22/2013. Happy 25th birthday! Today is a special day to celebrate you.
    Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday TO YOU. All around the world people of faith are praying for those proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ. They are praying for you. (2 Corinthians 9:14) We are praying for you. We pray for your soul that embodies the presence of Christ will be refreshed to endure another day and we pray for the soles of your feet that they maintain integrity as you journey on.


    Thrice blest is he to whom is given
    The instinct that can tell
    That God is on the field, when He
    Is most invisible.
    Frederick William Faber (1814–63)

    Uncle Andy, Aunt Kim, Joshua, Angelique, Abigail, AvaMarie, Caleb & Samuel.

    1. Wow! Those are great words of wisdom and encouragement! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers! I cannot wait to see everyone when I get back!

      God bless!