Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Good Life

Welcome back to CrossAmerica!  I have entered into the state of Nebraska where their state slogan is "The Good Life".  I think that slogan is so fitting as life is a great gift that we can and should give thanks and praise for!

In this post you can take a look at my recent progress on the Google Map and SPOT tracking beacon link and some Bible verses to reflect on down towards the bottom (of this post).  Also, I have a couple new videos and a little write-up that I wrote several days ago when I was in Wyoming still.  Here it is:

As I neared the town of Lusk, WY (near Wyoming/Nebraska border), I had been in contact with a woman by the name of Pat from a parish that I planned to visit.  Nearing mile 31 for the day I came up over a hill before entering the town.  I had recently been praying for the blessing of more joy.  As I hit the crest of the hill a thunderstorm moved in soaked everything.  I could do nothing but smile.  I was literally filled with joy for the last 2 miles of the stretch.  I had multiple ride offers during this storm but had to refuse so to enjoy the moment.  The storm was invigorating.  

I was blessed with a meal from Pat, John, and Barb.  They also offered a bed to sleep on and a shower.  The shower was incredible as it had been hot recently and was 90 degrees that day.  

The following afternoon during my rest day I was able to join Fr. Andrew, Bruce, and Pat to the Wyoming Department of Corrections-Women's Center to celebrate Mass.  I have never experienced anything like this before.  As I walked in I was a little nervous.  Fr. Andrew asked me to share my testimony with the women.  When starting this trip I had no idea what God had planned for me, but as I spoke I thought to myself how I'd rather be hearing their testimonies and life-stories.  After speaking with a few of them, and one woman in particular, I was so inspired!  Some of these women had a better grasp of my faith that I do.  I left feeling inspired to "up my game".  I just wanna thank all who were involved, and the women at the facility, for letting me join them that day.

Here are a couple new videos:

And the latest SPOT tracking beacon location and Google Earth map:

I will leave you with some good verses to reflect on:

Psalm 16:11
John 6:53-58, 66-67
Colossians 1:24
Psalm 126:3
Isaiah 40:31

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