Monday, July 15, 2013

Day 72

So this past weekend I decided to take my rest day on Saturday.  I woke up from Kickapoo State Park which is West of Danville, IL (where I was headed to).  I try to keep my rest days under 10 miles of walking, but on this rest day I needed to make it to town and run a few errands.  As I left the park I accidentally took a wrong turn (my state highway map that I was using to navigate doesn't have a lot of detail).  I haven't taken many wrong turns on this trip, but this wasn't looking like it would be the much needed day of rest that I was anticipating.

Well, as you may have seen in previous stories, God provided once again.  I met a nice couple who was on a daily walk who were generous enough to give me a ride to a cafe near town, so I only had to walk 4 miles and not 8!

In Danville I ran a few errands and met some really kind people along the way.  There were no campgrounds near Danville unless I backtracked so I planned to walk through the night after attending Saturday night Mass.  After Mass I was offered a dinner with a bunch of parishioners and even a place to stay!  Let me tell you how much of a treat it was to sleep on a bed and in air-conditioning as the summer heat wave has been persistant.  This is just one example of what most days are like:  I describe it as "the stars aligning".  Well, with faith in the Lord, the stars simply will align.  Trust.

Some rely on chariots, others on horses, but we on the name of the LORD our God. 
-Psalm 20:8

Also, here is the latest SPOT tracking beacon link of my location:

So it's day 72 today and I am around 1,800 miles walked and nearing 4 million footsteps.  I am estimating that I should reach the East coast around day 100.  I have been traveling North of Indianapolis in Indiana and am settling down in Lebanon tonight.  It has been super hot and humid lately.  It is the humidity that really gets to you and seems to slow down my miles traveled.  I tend to really drag during these days, and find it really hard to wake up and get going when it is already 80 degrees and humid at 3am.  At this point in the trip really I look forward to getting to the destination so much I tend to only take 2-3 sit down breaks during 30 mile stretches.  I really enjoy the semis driving by and delivering a big gust of wind that I tend to hardly step off the shoulder just to receive a little of the unnatural breeze.

Some other observations:  I am starting to miss the Nebraska friendliness of waves from passersby.  It seemed like 90 percent of the cars driving by would offer a wave and I would almost got sick of it but now I am missing that gesture as I find it diminishing the further East I get.  There are different kinds of waves out there too...  Who would have thought it...  Ha!  Lately I have been amused by the "family wave" which would be a car or van full of people and when you wave, everyone in the vehicle simultaneously lifts their hands and wave.  You cannot help but smile or laugh.  Another one is when someone seems to be overly excited to provide a wave.  I call this the Jeremiah Johnson wave.  If you have ever seen the last scene in this movie you can see Jeremiah grin as he offers a wave of peace.

I am at the point in the trip where I have started to count down the days, miles, and states.  I cannot wait to get back home.  That reoccurring thought of jumping in the Atlantic sounds amazing.  Whenever thoughts creep into my mind of self-pity for how hard this journey has been and will be, I just try to think how good I have it in comparison to other people around the world and even in our own country.  If I have a safe place to camp, even if it is boiling hot and humid, is not that bad.  How blessed we are!  Praise the Lord.


  1. Hi Dan just saw you in Noblesville, Indiana. Sorry it is so hot out there. Hope your pilgrimage goes well and hang in there! Your doing great! God Bless!

  2. This heat is brutal, cant imagine how much worse for you, keep it up! Almost there, that ocean will feel good!

  3. Hello Daniel, I was thinking and praying for you all day today and wondering HOW YOU ARE DOING IT IN THIS HEAT!!! So glad to hear God continues to provide for you! We are really looking forward to having you home again!!! love, MOM

  4. I was looking at the picture of the earth from above and it is truly amazing to think that you have WALKED that far. It is striking when I actually take the time to contemplate what that means! It is so easy to think, "Daniel is walking" and not really think of what that entails. Good job, lil' brother! Its beautiful to read how you've allowed God to work in your life through this walk.

  5. You are AMAZING! God is amazing through you! Continuing to pray you thru the days and thru the nights! "Great is Thy Faithfulness!"

  6. Thanks for all the comments friedns and family! It is hot and humid, but i have been blessed with showers in the evening to wash off. Also was fortunate enough to stay in some AC for a night or two...What a blessing. Cant wait to see all of you in a few weeks! Thanks for the prayers.

    Daniel Reinke

  7. Just read about you in The Catholic Spirit. May God Bless you and your family forever