Saturday, July 20, 2013

Day 77

Welcome back, Everyone.

Here are some random ponderings of the day and an updated map of the progress.

This heat wave appears to be nearing its end in western Ohio (at least per the weather reports), where I am currently.  Today I am headed for Lebanon, OH.

I have recently started to look back at all that has happened during this journey.  It's easy to forget everything that has happened behind you and only think about the next town, the next meal, the next campsite, etc.  Everything that has happened begins to blend together.  As I started to ponder all the individual stories I found myself laughing out loud for many of them.  I have been blessed to have met so many amazing people! There are so many stories of kindness, generosity, and fellowship.  This still amazes me everyday. 

I cannot count how many times I have pondered buying a bike at a garage sale and just riding for a day or two!  Ha!  That would cover some serious miles...  even if it was red tricycle.  Also the thought of wearing jeans and a clean cotton shirt sounds so good that I cannot wait!  I plan to throw away these dirty, worn out clothes when I hit the Atlantic and get some new ones. 

Even after all these miles and days, I have found that I still struggle with having true genuine faith some days, especially near the end of the day.  Or when walking into a city as the sun is going down it is sometimes hard to think how God is going to provide, but He always does and it always amazes me how He does.  At this point I am still hoping to finish around the 100 day mark, but this is just an estimate.  I am literally counting down every day and every mile now, as the trip is becoming strenuous.  Keep me in your thoughts and prayers and I will for you in mine.  Don't forget to share/email this web site to anyone you think would find it interesting.  Below is the latest SPOT tracking beacon location and some Google Maps to illustrate the progress.

God bless,

Also, here is the latest SPOT tracking beacon link of my location: