Sunday, August 4, 2013

5 Million Step Challenge

Well the trip is winding down.  I have reached 5 million footsteps and am currently at about 2,350 miles in total walking distance.  I am in Rocky Mount, Virginia and figure I have about 200-250 miles to go (until Virginia Beach).  I will not reach 6 million steps so figured I would issue one last 'Challenge'. In this 'Year of Faith', this trip has turned out to really relate with that.  It has been a constant learning experience on how to have more faith in God.  The first 'Challenge' post was on faith and it seems fitting to end with one on faith.  Even after coming this far I find it hard to have a genuine fullness of trust and faith in God through hardships and challenges.  It can be so easy to forget about all the blessings that God has given me and all the times that He has delivered me from something difficult.  For some people TRUE faith may come easy, but for me it seems to be a constant battle.  Some people may have the faith of Moses, but I think for most it is a slow learning process.  Each step on this trip has been a step closer to God.  There are too many stories to tell and most have not been shared on the website but I would like to take you back in time for a quick summary of this trip.

Starting out I did not know where I would even begin the trip.  I took a Greyhound bus to the coastAL tow of Seaside, OR.  From there I began walking East.  During the first week of walking toward and into Portland I relied on family for directing me on places to stay, roads to take, etc.  I also stayed at a few motels to help my body and mind get used to all the walking.  At this point in the trip my faith was pretty weak.  As the trip continued I slowly relied more and more on God and just the simple fact that He would provide.   During this trip I have walked through many 'bad' or troubled neighborhoods in different cities, and not always during daylight, but God always kept me safe.  Also, crossing long stretches of desolate and desertlike areas of up to 100 miles with limited water and food...  God provided.  Many people would offer short rides or water and food.  In crossing the Grand Tetons through winding roads with little to no shoulders...  God provided safety from cars cruising by and also from the many bears that I heard about that were coming out of hibernation and were hungry.  Walking hot roads where rattle snakes come out to warm up...  God provided safety from stepping on a few that I didn't see until the last second, and probably many that I didn't see.  On occasion I would take a ride from anybody who offered if I felt compelled to do so...  God provided safety and great conversations and stories from them.  In crossing a 1,000 mile stretches of corn fields...  God kept me from going insane with great down-to-earth kindness from passersby and friendly locals.  Walking through the night and walking during many hours of complete darkness...  God provided safety from vehicles and whatever else may have been lurking about...  Walking through rain, heat, hail, wind, humidity...  God provided amazing weather throughout the whole trip.  I was blessed with probably less than 10 rain days, and breaks from whatever weather was starting to get to me.  There were also many times while walking that I noticed drivers texting or simply being unaware of their surroundings...  God provided safety from them.  Also, in talking to anyone I came in contact with no matter the place or time...  God provided good conversations and kindness on their part.

These are just a few examples of how God has taken care of me, not to mention all the donations and help along the way.  I saved enough to do this trip but it was certainly a budget and without peoples' generosity in many different ways I would not have been able to do this trip.  It's so hard to think of all the blessings when walking in rain for 3 days straight, feeling the pain of blisters or strained muscles, sweating day and night through humidity for days on end... but when looking back we are always taken care of and blessed with God's loving surplus.  Without God this trip and I are nothing.  With God...  amazing things can and did happen.

I challenge you to try to strive for that true faith of Moses...  faith to expect the seas to part, in every moment of your day.

Some of you may remember an earlier post where I met some bikers back in the great plains who were also crossing the country.  I just got word that they made it to the coast!   Congratulations to Johnny and Audrey!

Also, here is the latest Google Earth maps and SPOT tracking beacon link of my location:

"Be my rock of refuge, my stronghold to give me safety; for you are my rock and fortress." and "You are my hope, Lord; my trust"
-Psalm 71:3, 5


  1. I read this today and thought of you, Dan: " Blessed the man who finds refuge in you, in their hearts are pilgrim roads. " Psalm 84:6 Praying for you as your journey nears completion!

    Peace- Carrie P., Cambridge, MN

    1. Dan,
      This is from Boise, Idaho! We are so glad you made it. You were an inspiration to many here at Sacred Heart Church! As you lifes journey continues may you continue to be blessed.
      Debbie and Dorothy

  2. It was such a pleasure to meet you as you passed through our small town. I am glad to see that your walking journey is nearing it's end. May God continue to bless you.

  3. I love the 5 million step challenge! It fits so well in this year of faith. As your mother, this journey has helped me to grow and truly believe in God's love, protection and providence for all our children! It seems to me that when we give God our little mustard seed he grows a TREE! He is a generous and AWESOME GOD! He does awesome things when we place our hand in HIS! I marvel at all He has done for you and everyone that has been touched by this journey across AMERICA! Love, MOM