Monday, August 12, 2013


Just want to say a special THANKS to my brother Robert who helped out a lot with the website throughout the whole trip!  Without his much needed help this website would have been nothing. 

Also a special THANKS to the parishioners of my home parish of St. Peters in Forest Lake, MN.  Thank you for all the support and Prayers!


  1. That picture makes me feel like crying! You really did it! It is all so amazing to me on so many levels. This is a journey you will never forget and neither will we! God is so GOOD to have protected you the whole way and to have provided so many wonderful people and sights along the way! He really is a RICH KING that lavishes gifts on His children! LOVE YOU and can't wait to FATTEN you up a bit! :} MOM

  2. Congratulations! Greetings from Brazil! :-)